Cajun Bandit™ 18.5″ Kettle Smoker Conversion Kit


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The Cajun Bandit™ 18.5″ Stacker Kit has been carefully tailored to increase the capacity of your Weber 18.5″ Kettle Grill or Jumbo Joe as a smoker. Crafted from premium stainless steel and careful attention to detail, the typical short comings of a Weber kettle are addressed in 2 target areas with this product: The charcoal coal ring and the overall lack of cooking area found in the Weber kettle grill and Weber Jumbo Joe. You can now achieve the full capacity of your grill without the fear of poor quality or performance with the added utility of converting your Weber Kettle or Jumbo Joe to a smoker.

The stainless steel coal ring included in this kit improves both air flow regulation and much needed capacity for additional charcoal. Consistent temperature control and adequate airflow is greatly improved. With an increased interior volume this stainless steel coal ring provides much needed capacity for additional fuel (charcoal) for longer, uninterrupted smoking sessions. With an integral four tab grate support system the stainless charcoal ring provides for easier cleaning and dumping as a single piece. The ring is 13 1/2″ tall and 5″ in diameter.

The rigid 10″ tall stainless steel heavy gauge ring increases the overall cooking area in the Weber kettle grill by 100%. The increase in interior cooking volume is executed through the utility of a proprietary stacker ring standing a full 10″ tall with an additional grate location. Featuring a continuous rim, the strength and seal of this ring is assured without the fear of additional smoke or heat loss associated with other products on the market. Complete with premium grate/rack supports and accompanying hardware a solid cooking surface is achieved. Chrome plated steel rack provides for easy clean-up and durability.

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