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Whiskey Oak Smoked Salt

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This natural kosher salt has been slowly smoked in small batches over natural hardwoods. Natural smoke flavor is that little something to elevate the flavor profile of any dish. This smoked salt can be used in place of regular salt or added as a special flavor enhancement just prior to serving. While there are many versions of smoked sea salt and flake salt on the market, I believe my process of slowly smoking rather than using moist methods will produce a superior flavor. Kosher salt doesn’t need to be ground or processed prior to use so feel free to use in place of regular salt in your next culinary creation, or simply leave a shaker on the table.

Suggested Uses:
Meat/Seafood: Use as you would regular salt for cooking and serving. Or sprinkle atop your dish just before serving and the wisps of smoke flavor will greet your guests as they take the first bite.

Cocktail: Rub the rim of your favorite cocktail glass with a towel lightly moistened with the juice of a lime. Next dip rim into this smokey salt for a special treat with your Margarita or our favorite Bloody Mary. Sprinkle on lime for a smokey chaser after your next shot of tequila.

Everyday: Simply use in place of salt. Don’t be shy and use this daily. Why use regular salt when you can add a special flavor enhancement of natural wood smoke to your dish.

Ingredients: Salt, Natural Smoke

Packaging: Smoked spices are packaged in a resealable food-grade ziptop bag to preserve freshness and flavor and then carefully packaged in a sturdy pillow box for shipping/storage.

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